Optimize How You Feel + Function

Tangible wellbeing for adaptability, creativity, clarity, productivity, resilience and more.

what we do

Easy. Effective. Enjoyable.

We make clean body care products + effective behavioral protocols for emotional and cognitive wellbeing; sourced from peer-reviewed, clinical research.

The Trilogy of Context + Insight

Mother Nature

We believe in Mother Earth's nourishing alchemy. We support her diversity and the care of her people, plants and the planet herself.


We believe in efficacy, research and clinical studies. We seek practical and stimulating approaches to growth through formulations and behavioral practice.

Ancient Wisdom

We understand multi-sensoral body and mind care is required for living well amidst the complexities of life. Finally, the benefits of ancestral theories become scientific truths.


Discern. Distill.

Even the most “together” people are searching for ways to improve how they feel and function. It’s hard to know where to begin, what works or how and when to use it all. In this sea of endless information and products - we discern and distill with Mother Nature, Neuroscience and Ancient Wisdom.