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The Quality of our emotions determines the quality of our lives.

premium programming for the emotional + cognitive wellbeing of your team

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All good businesses recognize the importance of employee engagement; great businesses understand the means of cultivating it. While many view it merely as a top down approach, we believe it begins with the individuals.

elevate their employee experience

Our Purpose

“Knowledge isn't power until it is applied.” Dale Carnegie. We serve to empower each other by not only educating the why and how our brains work, but teaching your team to apply our easy to follow protocols for Focus, Creativity, Resiliency and more. Our programming is designed to help your team level up how they feel and function in all areas of their lives; with compounding results.

Our Perspective

Nothing makes an employee feel more valued than being emotionally supported by leadership. All good businesses recognize the importance of employee engagement: great businesses understand the means of cultivating it. By empowering them with the knowledge and tactical tools to feel and function at their best it leads to better collaboration with their teams and ultimately a better result for the organization.

Our Program

By integrating educational content, guided practice training and premium personal care products, this unmatched experience lends both skill development and personalized gifts. We source peer-reviewed research and clinical studies to make clean, sustainable products along with effective protocols for optimizing your mindset, increasing EQ and improving cognitive wellbeing.

the curriculum

Our tangible wellbeing programs include educational presentations, guided protocol training for personal and professional workflows, and meaningful gifting. We work with your organization to deliver a lasting wellbeing impact; so your people feel appreciated, your team learns new skills, and your organization functions better.